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 Justin "Ted" Everett   Rogue Sharks Bass 
Justin Ted is rumoured to be the long lost love child of Rob Halford and Margaret Thatcher. (Apparently it was Maggie's effort in the back seat of the Priministerial Rolls Royce that convinced Halford to stick with batting for the other side). Soon after this Maggie bought in harsh funding cuts to the arts, especially music thus immortalising herself to being depicted on the front of Iron Maiden records being decapited!
Justin Since finding out who his real parents were on this website, Ted has decided not to follow his childhood dreams of becoming a Tibetan lesbian goat herder with aspirations to invade China and thus take over the world. Ted cast away his sable shepherds shawl, fishnet stockings and Ugg boots, donned regulation black jeans and t-shirt, armed himself with a trusty 5 string bass guitar and walked into a Rogue Sharks rehearsal and demanded he be heard!!
Justin After the other band members had their arses stitched back together (torn from the power of Ted's bass playing)and their ears had stopped ringing the guys unanimously voted him into the band.

So if you hear a rumbling sound in the distance, it is more likely to be Ted and his bass rig not Mick after a night on the chilli!!