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 Steve Adkins   Rogue Sharks - Guitars, Vocals 
Steve Adkins img1 At a very young age Steve was found in a bucket of canine entrails behind the Hungdong Limp chinese restaurant by two nuns belonging to the Sisters of Merconium Convent. They took him in and without Mother Posterior's blessing, raised him in secret. Steve found contentment by listening to the sweet hymns eminating from Sister Clavical's private study. Songs like "Jesus Built My Hotrod" by Ministry, "God of Thunder" by Kiss and "Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be" by AC/DC cemented a love of gospel music in Steve's impressionable young mind. Upon his request, the Sisters bought Steve an old guitar from some rogue traders posing as choirboys and soon he had a regular gig in the club next door to the strip joint where the Sisters would raise much needed funds for the poor by donning very little and dancing around poles.

Steve came into the band back in 1998 due in part to his songwriting abilities and disciplined rhythm playing.
He also brings to the band his artistic flair by way of album cover design and artwork. His tribal shark designs have found their way onto t-shirts as well as permanent skin art.
Influences: Robert DeLeo, Jerry Cantrell, Kim Thayil, Josh Homme, Kirk Hammett and Dolly Parton.

Currently listening to: Probot, Queens of the Stone Age, Monster Magnet and Tenacious D.

Steve uses Marshall amplification and Ibanez guitars.

e-mail: steve@roguesharks.com.au
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