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 Album Hidden Track   "IN FOR THE KILL" 
Album Hidden Track img1 For the Rogue Sharks fans that have purchased the 'physical' album, you have the bonus of a hidden track!! But its not hidden at the back of the album or in between songs. It is actually at the front!! How did they do that? Depending on your CD player, the best way to find it is to rewind from the first listed track "Door Knocking". You will hear the track playing backwards but you must stop rewinding at around minus 4:45 to catch the intro of 'In for the Kill'.
The music for 'In For the Kill' was written back in 1994 when Mick and his mate Scott Chapman (Drummer for Battlecat, Choir Boys) had returned from a night of 'postering' around the Perth and Fremantle metro areas for their band with ex-The Angels bassist James Morley. The band was gearing up for the next night with a gig supporting The Divinyls with Joan Jett and the Black Hearts at the Metropolis in Freo.
Anyway, at about three in the morning the song arrangement was finished and recorded on four-track. It didn't have a working title then and literally remained in limbo until Mick dug it out for new song ideas for the album in 2005.
When Blair flew in to Tassie to record demo vocals Mick suggested writing lyrics to go with the unfinished song.
Finally "In For the Kill' was written but due to time constraints Scott was unable to record the drum parts so the boys sent the scratch tracks to Frank Basile in the U.S. to lay down the drums.

So why is it a hidden track? Well there were already enough songs on the album so the guys decided to use it as a selling point for the physical album. So that's 17 massive tracks on one almighty ball-tearing rock album!!

Scott Chapman - Powerhouse 'Four-on-the-Floor' Rock Drummer. Scott has performed with Battlecat, The Choir Boys, 3 Corner Jack and The James Morley Band.
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