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 Album Hidden Track   "IN FOR THE KILL" 
Album Hidden Track-tn For the Rogue Sharks fans that have purchased the 'physical' album, you have the bonus of a hidden track!! But its not hidden at the back of the album or in between songs. It is actually at the front!! How did they do that? Depending on your CD player, the best way to find it is to rewind from the first listed track "Door Knocking". You will hear the track playing backwards but you must stop rewinding at around minus 4:45 to catch the intro of 'In for the Kill'.
 An Interview with Sauce Magazine   April 18th 2007 
An Interview with Sauce Magazine-tn
Band News - BON SCOTT CELEBRATION  CONCERT - PERTH-tn Blair and the guys from Rogue Sharks congratulate Doug Thorncroft (seen here with Blair) of the WA Bon Scott Fan Club for the brilliant efforts in staging the Bon Scott Celebration Concert at the Claremont Showgrounds on Sunday 25th February 2007. The concert was in aid of raising funds for a statute of Bon Scott to be situated in Fremantle, Bon's home town in Western Australia.
 April 2010   New Single Released!! Counting The Crosses 
April 2010-tn The lads have recorded and released their new single "Counting The Crosses". Check it out on the myspace and Youtube sites.