Photo Gallery
 Band Car!!   Official Band Car - Ford Hearse 
Band Car!!-tn Mick's 1976 Ford XC Falcon Hearse. Yeah, what a beast!! 351ci V8 and C10 Auto. 5.60 metres long and weighs about 3500 tons. 0 to 100 in about 15 minutes - "What's the hurry"?? Fed on a diet of Nissan Skylines, Honda Preludes and the occasional Subaru WRX.
 G - Spot Gig Perth April 2005 
G - Spot Gig Perth April 2005-tn
 Latest Pics 
Latest Pics-tn
 Live Shots 
Live Shots-tn
 Mick Pics...Hairstorical Pictorial 
Mick Pics...Hairstorical Pictorial-tn
 More Pics 
More Pics-tn
 Raise The Flag - Support   August '09 
Raise The Flag - Support-tn
 Rogue Art 
Rogue Art-tn Steve is the band's resident graphic artist. He has designed all the band's artwork and logos to date. Some of the artwork has become permanent skin art on himself, Mick, friends and followers of the band. Steve has the Three-Headed Shark on his right shoulder and Mick has the Shark Sleeve design on his left bicep.
 The Early Days 
The Early Days-tn Late last century a lone gun singer, Rattler Jones, wandered the Wild West searching for establishments of ill repute that would allow him to perform his unique brand of lyrical entertainment. It was hardgoing especially when the only instrument accompaniment he could use was a pair of jugs, a washboard and a squeeze box. He had heard of a stranger who was known to pack a mean pair of six strings and was keen to track him down. It was via telegram that he was able to contact Mudguts Mick and they agreed to meet three days later.