Rogue Mates
 David Hazell   Rogue Sharks - Drums 
David Hazell-tn David is a long-time friend of Mick and Steve. David has played with Mick in the band "Valhalla" and later with Mick and Steve in "The Missiles". Recently he helped out on a drum arrangement for the song 'Bite The Bullet'. This song will be recorded later in the year and will be released in 2007.
 Frank Basile   Rogue Sharks - Drums 
Frank Basile-tn On the surface Franks appears to be a normal human being (does that really count for drummers?!) but behind the scenes Frank can morph into a strange alien lifeform with four arms, double-jointed feet and an incredible ability to read your mind!! He already knows what to play before you've even written the song! Frank has finished the drum tracks for the Rogue Sharks debut full length album due out in early 2006. Frank is based in Florida U.S.A. and records the tracks in his own studio where his company 'Live Studio Drums' is situated - check out his link page. Frank has over twenty years experience as a professional drummer and his resumé showcases the work he has done for famous musicians and producers worldwide.
 Mick Shelley   Rogue Sharks - Bass, Mixing 
Mick Shelley-tn Mick is a 'jerkoff-all-trades'!! A complete band, studio engineer and producer in one totally strange and sometimes disturbing personality. He can sing, play bass and guitars, produce, mix and master recordings depending on what is required of him. As an honorary member of Rogue Sharks, Mick applies his talents in his bass playing and more importantly Mick is the band's studio engineer and takes on mixing, production and backing vocal responsibilities as well. Mick owns The Green Room Studios (formerly Mixasaurus) in Hobart, Tasmania.
 Scott Chapman   Rogue Sharks - Drums 
Scott Chapman-tn Scott is undoubtedly one of the best rock drummers in Australia. He has played with high profile acts such as The Choir Boys and has been the driving force behind Perth original band Battlecat and cover band 3 Corner Jack. In the 90's Scott played with Mick and Blair in the band AC/ZZ and with Mick in The James Morley Band. In recent times he has been with Battlecat and occasionally sits in with Blair's cover band, Snake Eyes.
 Steve Yost   Rogue Sharks - Bass 
Steve Yost-tn Bass legend of Hobart Steve Yost has been laying down bass tracks for the new album. You can hear his work on the song 'Dracula Bed' at the Rogue Sharks site on triple j's "unearthed" page. Go to the links tab. Steve has also recorded bass for 'Forbidden Forest', 'Rock Spider', 'Shark Arm Murder' and 'Not Your Friend'.