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 Nikki Patterson   Tattooist for Rogue Sharks 
Nikki Patterson img1 Hi, My name is Nikki and I've been involved in the tattoo industry in Perth for quite a few years now. I was given a start at Wanneroo Tattoo as an apprentice and haven't looked back. (Scroll down for more pics)
I travelled to Europe in 2002 for a months worth of tattoo conventions and gained a wealth of knowledge and some wonderful connections in tattoo land and world wide.
When I returned to Perth I established Scarboro Tattoo and Piercing Studio at Scarborough Beach and worked there until June 2006.
Combining the experience in Europe with the inspiration I get from other Perth tattooists like Chook, Matt Purcell, Plug and Noel Wilkinson and my passion for the industry, my artistic abilities continue to evolve.
I love all aspects of the art form and the pleasure of being able to give my clientele something they will have forever.

The only limitation...is your imagination.

To make an appointment e-mail me on niks_inks@yahoo.com.au
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