Rogue Sharks Tattoos

Wicked Skin Art by Nikki Patterson

Blair-tn The art on Blair's right forearm is testament to Nikki's skill and imagination. This brilliant collage is based on art by Coop which is internationally recognised on tee-shirts and posters etc.
Mick-tn Mick's latest tattoo was done by Nikki Patterson in March 2005, when she was managing Scarboro Tattoo and Piercing in Perth. Nikki performed a partial cover-up of Mick's first tattoo and incorporated it into an awesome 'new-school' collage. Below the new stuff is a celtic bordered Tiger Head that was done by Greg 'Tubby' Quinn in Launceston.
 Nikki Patterson   Tattooist for Rogue Sharks 
Nikki Patterson-tn Hi, My name is Nikki and I've been involved in the tattoo industry in Perth for quite a few years now. I was given a start at Wanneroo Tattoo as an apprentice and haven't looked back. (Scroll down for more pics)
 Nikki Patterson - more pics   Tattooist for Rogue Sharks 
Nikki Patterson - more pics-tn
 Nikki Patterson Client - James Morley 
Nikki Patterson Client  - James Morley-tn If you didn't already know, James Morley (The Angels, Raise The Flag, Strawberry Blonde, Our Generation) is one of AC/DC's biggest fans. Fittingly he has the trademark caricature of Angus Young permanenlty emblazoned on his right bicep. Nikki Patterson has done a brilliant job applying the eternal school boy's own impression of himself to James' arm. One of James' career highlights was securing the role of Angus in the film, 'Thunderstruck'- The Movie. In the movie's opening scenes, you will see James (and Blair as Brian Johnson) running amok onstage.
Steve-tn This tribal style Tri-Shark tattoo was designed by Steve and applied to his right bicep in 2003 by John Velde. This design will also appear on the CD cover for the single release of "Let Me Go".